Who do you think about when you picture a superhero? For some, it may be a comic book character or someone you see in Hollywood action films. In the legal world, it can be said that the true heroes are the court reporters. The importance of court reporting is often over-looked by most people. Although they are present during significant trials, they are rarely in the spotlight. Despite this, court reporters use an extensive set of skills that are vital to the functioning of the legal system. This combination of skills and essential abilities make court reporters the real heroes of the legal world.

The Essence of a Court Reporter

A court reporter is an absolute necessity in today’s legal system. Court reporters, or stenographers, report the statements made at a trial or deposition. They do so by using a steno machine and then transcribe it back in to English verbatim. To perform this role, all California stenographers undergo rigorous training. Many people who start court reporting school are unable to meet the demands. Those that practice often and are diligent about practicing will become certified reporters once they pass the state exam.

Impressive Skills

The average reporter is no run-of-the-mill individual. To work as a court reporter, you must maintain extreme accuracy and speed for hours upon end. Your concentration must be unbreakable. The minimum reporter can report spoken statements at a rate of 225 words per minute with 97% accuracy. This is a tough feat to achieve. You must also consider that court reporters are perhaps the most active listeners in the world. They must also be prepared to jump in at any moment to request clarifications. Performing this for several hours a day requires a high level of discipline and endurance. The inner workings of a San Francisco court reporter are far more complex than the average person can understand.

The Critical Role

As you can see, court reporting is no easy task. It takes an exceptionally talented individual (dare we say super?) to fulfill the role. The court reporter’s role is not just integral to the legal system; it is vital for humanity in general. At the heart of it, court reporters report live history in the making. They are creating reports that will be referred back to for years to come. In this sense, court reporters are recording historical events.

Have you ever heard of the old saying: “If it isn’t written down it didn’t happen.” Nothing could be closer to the truth. In a sense, court reporters are more critical than the attorneys and judges that work in the legal system. If no one were there to report their statements, who would know about it accurately? Stenographers take on a Herculean task that bears great responsibility when they step into a courtroom. Yet, experienced reporters make it look so easy that you’d never know it!

Superheroes Have Steno Machines Too

It’s clear that court reporting requires abilities akin to those of any superhero. As a society, we should recognize the extraordinary effort and skill that court reporters display every day. In the end, you don’t need a costume to be a superhero; You need a steno machine and a will to succeed.

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