Bigger is not always better. There is a common misconception that the biggest firms are the best. That’s not true in the court reporting world. Actually, for us, smaller is better. Rules and regulations change per state. You need a smaller firm that is part of a national network. This will give you the best of both worlds by offering local experience on a national level. Combs reporting is part of the DepoSpan network, which combined, is bigger than any other national network.

1. A Positive First Interaction

A quality reporting firm will hire professional, well-versed support staff. You should be able to tell whether this is the case through your first call or e-mail to the agency. A firm that cares about the quality of its customer service likely excels in other areas as well. Friendly, responsive and helpful staff members are a positive sign that the firm is quality-focused.

2. High-Caliber Reporters

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It makes no sense to hire a firm that does not provide high-quality reporters. Proceedings, such as depositions, are far too important to leave in the hands of inexperienced reporters. Quality firms understand this. Pay attention to the details to find out if your court reporter San Francisco is up to par. Reporters who are true professionals will be confident, and cooperative. They also arrive on time, and maintain a professional appearance. Furthermore, good reporters are proactive, and display good time management skills. If the agency sends a reporter like this, you’ll know that you’re dealing with a dependable firm.

3. A Variety of Ancillary Services

Good reporter agencies take a holistic approach to providing services. Doing so demonstrates their dedication to the needs of clients. When choosing a firm, make sure to find one that can cover all the bases. This will save you time, and will ensure that your proceeding runs smoother. Some of the additional services you should consider are conference room rentals, translation services and videography capabilities. You should be able to rely on one, single firm to handle all aspects of your deposition.

4. Detail Oriented Transcripts

The whole purpose of hiring a court reporter San Francisco is to get a high-quality transcript. When examining the transcript, don’t just check for proper formatting and accuracy. Look at the small details as well. Is the transcript bound together well? Did the agency use quality paper and ink during the printing process? You must make sure the agency is able to produce a transcript that meets every one of your expectations. A top-notch agency will be sure to hit on all the details.

5. Reputation and Satisfaction

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Two other factors to consider are the reputation and guarantee policy of the agency. Top performing agencies will be heard of through word of mouth. Other attorneys and law firms will have no problem recommending their services. If you go searching for an agency online, make sure their service claims are backed up by several references. As a legal professional, your fellow attorneys are the best source of information when it comes to finding out an agency’s reputation. Another thing to consider is whether the court reporter San Francisco firm offers a satisfaction guarantee. Companies that are confident in their services will stand by their product. When an agency offers a written guarantee, you can be sure they offer quality services. Agencies that don’t offer guarantees tend to be fly-by-night operations that don’t truly value your business!

Making the Final Decision

One agency that meets the above standards is Combs Reporting. Combs offers true professionals in the form of reporters, and convenient deposition support services. Contact Combs Reporting today for dependable service.

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