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Transcriptionist vs. Stenographer

Transcriptionist vs. Stenographer Isn’t a stenographer the same thing as a transcriptionist? Although the two career fields seem synonymous, they are many differences between them. In the most general sense, court reporters, or stenographers, work extensively in the legal field. On the other hand, transcribers are employed by a wider variety of agencies and

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Ken Combs of Combs Reporting, Shares His Heart-Stopping Tales From a 1970’s Courtroom

Ken Combs of Combs Reporting, Shares His Heart-Stopping Tales From a 1970's Courtroom Do you think court reporting sounds boring? Those familiar with the profession can tell you it is definitely not! A court reporter San Francisco could witness many shocking events in the course of his or her career. In some cases, stenographers have

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How the Stenotype Machine Helps Court Reporters Keep Up in the Courtroom

How the Stenotype Machine Helps Court Reporters Keep Up in the Courtroom It's a common assumption that court reporters use typewriters or laptops to record proceedings. Most people don't get close enough to a reporter to realize that a very special device is used instead. This equipment is known as a stenograph machine. At its

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New to Court Reporting? Try Shadowing a Seasoned Professional

New to Court Reporting? Try Shadowing a Seasoned Professional Considering a career in court reporting? Now is a great time. There are shortages across America for qualified reporters. However, before signing up, be forewarned that the path is not for the faint of heart. Combs Reporting allows you to sit in on an actual

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Meet Thomas Gurney, the World’s First Official Court Reporter

You may have heard necessity is the mother of invention, and so it was with shorthand. In 63 BC, Marcus Tiro, a Roman slave, was assigned the task of following Cicero to record his spoken words as notes. In desperation, Marcus developed a quick writing technique to keep up with his master's speech. Around 1180,

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Who do Court Reporters Work for?

Who do Court Reporters Work for? The title court reporter is a little misleading. The name implies that court reporters work solely for the courts. Yet, in reality, reporters may work for a wide variety of employers. Generally, a stenographer chooses to work as an official reporter or a freelancer. However, there are reporters

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A Deposition Interpreter Versus a Deposition Reporter

When it comes to deposition reporting, there are two equally important roles. One is of the deposition reporter and the other is the deposition interpreter. Each of these parties share responsibilities to ensure that the deposition is successful. However, it is essential to remember the differences between how each of these professionals carries out their

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Your Complete Guide to Court Reporting in San Francisco

There's no doubt that San Francisco is a world-class city. This is because it is a great place to work and live. It's even better if you are a court reporter. The city offers a plethora of jobs that will keep you busy and help you maximize your income. Aspiring court reporters should consider this

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Appeals are Dependent upon Court Reporting

Are you having trouble finding a court reporter for your next trial? Are you thinking of going at it without one to save time or money? If so, be aware that you are jeopardizing the outcome of your case. Court reporters are not just helpful; they are essential. If you want to file an appeal,

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