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A Deposition Interpreter Versus a Deposition Reporter

When it comes to deposition reporting, there are two equally important roles. One is of the deposition reporter and the other is the deposition interpreter. Each of these parties share responsibilities to ensure that the deposition is successful. However, it is essential to remember the differences between how each of these professionals carries out their

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Your Complete Guide to Court Reporting in San Francisco

There's no doubt that San Francisco is a world-class city. This is because it is a great place to work and live. It's even better if you are a court reporter. The city offers a plethora of jobs that will keep you busy and help you maximize your income. Aspiring court reporters should consider this

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Appeals are Dependent upon Court Reporting

Are you having trouble finding a court reporter for your next trial? Are you thinking of going at it without one to save time or money? If so, be aware that you are jeopardizing the outcome of your case. Court reporters are not just helpful; they are essential. If you want to file an appeal,

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Why Court Reports are Superheroes of the Courtroom

Who do you think about when you picture a superhero? For some, it may be a comic book character or someone you see in Hollywood action films. In the legal world, it can be said that the true heroes are the court reporters. The importance of court reporting is often over-looked by most people. Although

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Why Young Adults Should Look to Court Reporting as a Sustainable Career

Young people are often stuck wondering what they should do with the rest of their life. This is a hard question to ponder as a young adult. Fortunately, one can learn from the experiences of others. As such, it would be wise to take advice from court reporters. As a career, court reporting offers numerous

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Tips for Preparing for Court Reporting School

Getting an education doesn't get easier after high school. All types of higher education come with unique challenges to overcome. This holds true for court reporting school. In fact, with a court reporting education the obstacles are unlike anything you might expect. The key to success is being well-prepared. Review these tips to give you

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Court Reporting: An Essential Element to Successful Cases

In today's legal world, court reporting is not just an ancillary service. Even with recent advances in technology, a trained, human reporter is irreplaceable. Court stenographers produce important documents, called transcripts, which are the only record of most cases. Once a transcript is created, it is used again and again as the case proceeds. As

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How Much do Stenographers Make?

Court stenographers usually aren't mentioned when talking about high paying jobs. In reality, they should be part of this conversation. San Francisco court reporters enjoy generous salaries in addition to other benefits. Of course, the actual amount a court reporter can expect to make depends on many factors. Nonetheless, employment statistics show that court reporting

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The Backbone of the Courtroom: Stenographers

Judges and attorneys are usually viewed as the central players in the legal system. However, this perception leaves out a significant group: court reporters. These professionals carry out an essential purpose in our legal system. They must provide the official record for the proceedings. In fact, without a court reporter's work, the legal system would

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