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How Much do Stenographers Make?

Court stenographers usually aren't mentioned when talking about high paying jobs. In reality, they should be part of this conversation. San Francisco court reporters enjoy generous salaries in addition to other benefits. Of course, the actual amount a court reporter can expect to make depends on many factors. Nonetheless, employment statistics show that court reporting

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The Backbone of the Courtroom: Stenographers

Judges and attorneys are usually viewed as the central players in the legal system. However, this perception leaves out a significant group: court reporters. These professionals carry out an essential purpose in our legal system. They must provide the official record for the proceedings. In fact, without a court reporter's work, the legal system would

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Court reporters have daily routines just like any other profession. The average court reporter works many hours a week. Often over 40. How he or she spends this time depends on what job is performed. Court reporters often have flexible schedule benefits that most careers don’t provide. Civil and criminal law stenographers may have very

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How Video Deposition Synchronization Helps Attorneys & The Growing Demand of Remote Depositions

Section One: Video Deposition Synchronization Text-Video Synchronization A text-video synchronization is the electronic synchronization of the written transcript of a deposition with the video of the same deposition. Similar to closed captioning, the written transcript of the deposition scrolls in tandem with the video as it is being played. Here is how text-video synchronization can

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Digital Security for Court Reporting Transcripts

Digital Security for Court Reporting Transcripts  The very role of a court reporter is to act as the guardian of the record. Yet, this guardianship role doesn't end once the transcript is produced. Instead, court reporters must continue protecting the record while it is stored. Reporters are tasked with preserving transcript files for

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How Court Reporters Embrace Realtime Reporting

How Court Reporters Embrace Realtime Reporting The natural course of any profession is to become more integrated with technology. The field of court reporting is no different. In the past, court reporters have practiced their profession in somewhat of a secluded nature. This is not to say that the reporters of yesteryear were

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