Young people are often stuck wondering what they should do with the rest of their life. This is a hard question to ponder as a young adult. Fortunately, one can learn from the experiences of others. As such, it would be wise to take advice from court reporters. As a career, court reporting offers numerous benefits that make it very attractive. Learn why young adults should consider court reporting as a career for the long-term.

Jobs Galore

Court reporting makes a great career choice because it is a sustainable position. Currently, there is a high-demand for court reporters due to several factors. Experts state that this demand will continue well into the future. If you choose to get into court reporting, you’ll likely have your choice of jobs until it’s time to retire.

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The increase in legal activity is one reason for the reporter shortage. Over the years, society has become more litigious. This has resulted in more civil cases than the courts can handle. Similarly, we have seen an uptick in the number of criminal prosecutions. Overall, there are a lot of reporting jobs out there just waiting for someone to pick them up.

The increased workload is being stretched over a small population of reporters. About 70% of today’s reporters will be retiring shortly. There is also a considerable lack of newcomers to the profession. This signals an excellent opportunity for young people who want to work and make a lot of money.

court reporters california

Another reason there are a plethora of jobs available is due to alternative sources of demand. Closed-captioning is becoming a mandated requirement for broadcast television. There is also a considerable demand for this service with internet media. You may wonder who does all this captioning work? Well, San Francisco court reporters do! This is a whole field open to young people who don’t want the traditional reporter role.

Almost all industries are recognizing the importance of fast, accurate transcription. Numerous opportunities exist in healthcare, business, and education as well. The way it looks now, young reporters will never have to worry about recessions or layoffs.

More Lucrative Than You Think

The average person might assume that court reporters don’t make much. It is in the interest of young people to let them keep thinking that way. Court reporting is a high-paying field that many people still don’t know about. You can take advantage of this by securing your place in the field now.

It’s not uncommon for San Francisco court reporters to earn salaries on par with other professionals. In larger cities, a young court reporter can expect to earn over $100,000 their first year. Some hard-working reporters even stretch this to $300,000 annually. With all the jobs available, it just depends on how much you want to work.

Real Job Satisfaction

By large, San Francisco deposition court reporters experience a great deal of job satisfaction. They get to work on interesting cases that have an immediate, real-world effect. Many reporters can also make the job a flexible one. Due to the high demand for reporters, many in this field have the option of choosing when and where to work. You’ll also be financially independent, which gives you the ability to live as you want.

Becoming a court reporter also means you’ll continue learning. As you advance in your career, you’ll have many opportunities to take on new types of cases and to work under different conditions. In this sense, the job never gets boring. Every day offers a new adventure if you are ready to accept it.

Seriously Consider Court Reporting

The high-degree of job satisfaction makes reporting a lifelong career choice. There aren’t many other jobs that can give you the salary, flexibility, and excitement that court reporting offers. Becoming a reporter now also means you’ll enjoy long-standing job stability. Young people of the world need to put court reporting at the top of their career goals.

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