Court stenographers usually aren’t mentioned when talking about high paying jobs. In reality, they should be part of this conversation. San Francisco court reporters enjoy generous salaries in addition to other benefits. Of course, the actual amount a court reporter can expect to make depends on many factors. Nonetheless, employment statistics show that court reporting is one of the most well-paid professions in the job market.

Official Court Stenographers

These stenographers are hired by the courts and are salaried employees. They receive benefits packages and a good salary.

Freelance Court Stenographers

They do not receive benefits, but they make slightly more than official court reporters as they work on contract basis and do not have a set salary.

High Wages in California

Although the national average is around $60,000, it’s not uncommon for court reporters in California to earn over double that amount. A reporter with just three or four year’s experience can make more than $150,000 annually. In certain areas, it pays to be a court reporter.

A More Specific Look

A more recent survey by ZipRecruiter points to even higher salaries for reporters. ZipRecruiter’s figures place many reporters’ wages at a level above previously reported amounts. This survey states that reporters make anywhere from $80,500 to $240,000 in competitive markets. What this means is that the right combination of factors can change stenographers income by a whopping $200,000! It also signals that there is a lot of room for advancement for reporters who are still gaining experience.

Geography Matters

We’ve seen above how much salaries can differ from state to state. There are even more distinctions to be made between cities in the same state. Sacramento and San Francisco court reporters enjoy a salary around $142,118 per year. However, reporters working in small cities and rural areas will typically earn less than this. This difference is due to the supply and demand affecting specific regions.

Reporters working in lower paying areas still have options. Court reporting is a very portable career that can be performed anywhere. Therefore, stenographers looking to boost their income can seek out work in higher paying areas without having to revamp their entire career. The flexibility and portability of the career are yet other benefits to court reporting in San Francisco.

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