How Crucial are Court Reporters to the Court Process?

In a courtroom full of judicial officers, attorneys and litigants it can be easy to overlook a court reporter. However, this does not diminish the role of the court stenographer. Court reporters are the custodians of the records, meaning that it is their responsibility to ensure every word spoken in the courtroom is documented in the transcript. Without a reporter’s help, most of the parties would be completely oblivious to the minor details that transpire. All in all, there are numerous reasons why court reporters continue to be indispensable.

Masters of the Record
The court reporter’s main duty is to report a transcript of the legal proceeding. San Francisco court reporters use their special training to capture every word that is stated. This transcript becomes a very important document during the remainder of the case. The court and attorneys rely on the accuracy of the transcript to prove important aspects of the action.

Transcripts are equally or more important during the appeal process where they are used to locate and allege legal errors. Courts even use the reporter’s work to determine whether an appeal should be granted at all! Without the reporter’s training and expertise, the creation of a detailed transcript would not be possible.

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Economic Factors
Hiring a court reporter can be costly, but it pales in comparison to the other options. In recent years, some courts have integrated technology in an attempt to deal with reporter shortages and to reduce costs. However, in many instances, it has proven costlier and less effective.

Technological devices are still no match for the trained ear of San Francisco court reporters. Many recording devices have trouble picking up soft voices or muffled speech in a deposition conference room San Francisco. After an audio recording is made, many times whoever wants a transcript must turn to a court reporter. If a court reporter was there in the first place, this extra step wouldn’t be needed.

Additionally, digitally recorded sessions still require transcription. Thus, in addition to the cost of purchasing, running and maintaining the equipment, someone must still create a transcript (most likely a court reporter). This extra step is not necessary with court reporters. Certified stenographers type out the proceedings in shorthand in real time. This allows them to easily convert the hearing into a full transcript later. Generally, it is cheaper to employ a reporter who can do it right the first time.

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Additional Courtroom Support
Court reporters ensure that parties speak in turn, that statements are made clearly and that testimony is repeated as necessary. This helps everyone involved in the hearing by making sure that everything stated is clear and understandable. Reporters, unlike machines, are able to perform this additional support role in the judicial process.

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