The Power of Real-Time Reporting

Many high-profile cases and trials require expedited transcripts. Some may even necessitate real-time captioning. Advanced technologies now allow court reporters to instantly transform their shorthand notes into real-time transcripts. The text of these real-time transcripts can then be displayed on courtroom projection screens and computer monitors. The text can even be transmitted to remote locations.

Performing Real-Time Reporting

In order to produce real-time transcripts, court reporters connect their stenotype machines to a computer that has special transcription software. This computer-aided transcription (CAT) software helps the translation of a court reporter’s shorthand notes bank into English. In order for the software to work properly, court reporters must build and update their software translation dictionaries.  This takes years to accomplish.  These dictionaries allow the software to translate the court reporter’s shorthand notes into the correct text.  Not every reporter offers Real-Time.   It takes years of extra special training to be able to offer that service.

Benefits of Using Real-Time Reporting

There are several benefits of using real-time reporting services:

  • Real-time reporting allows for the text to be shown on projection screens and computer monitors during official proceedings.
  • Real-time reporting technology allows attorneys to obtain more accurate notes than the traditional pencil and paper note-taking method. Attorneys can even make annotations, search and review previous testimony in real-time. This is particularly useful for challenging questionable witness testimony.
  • Real-time reporting allows the deaf and hard-of-hearing to better participate.
  • Transcripts can be sent remotely to anywhere in the world through real-time streaming technology.
  •  Video can be synchronized with the transcript so that you can see, hear and read the transcript all on the same screen.

Considering Real-Time Reporting

Combs Reporting offers real-time reporting services. Contact us today to learn more about our court reporting services. We offer services throughout the U.S. and are based in San Fransisco.